Spooky Street

One Of Kansas Cityís Largest Home Hauntís

One of dear departed at spookystreet.com
Gracey our resident ghost at spookystreet.com

Night Photos By Samís Fotos

Night photography by Sam's Fotos

1. Where do you store all of this stuff?

All of it goes in my house with the exception of the cemetery fence which is stored at a kind neighbors house. Most of the display breaks down for storage and fits in a very small area. And yes we can park our cars in the garage.


2. How much candy do you give away?


We give away thousands of pieces of candy Halloween night and usually start buying candy at the beginning of August. Anyone want to contribute candy?


3. Where do you get all of this stuff?


The majority of the display we build ourselves with a few store bought pieces here and there.   We start planning the display early January, with light show design and electronics starting soon after that.   Prop building work begins in the spring and continues to September.


4. Is your haunted house on Halloween kid friendly?


We are huge fans of Disneyís Haunted Mansion and our scare level is similar. There are no people with chain saws and no blood/gore.


5. How can I help in the haunted house or with building?


Contact me at mark@spookystreet.com


6. How can I get my Haunt listed on your site?


Send me your name, address and haunt name at mark@spookystreet.com